Another day, another couple of thousand photos in the bag. Everytime I get home and see how many of them I’ve taken I immediately start worrying about the time I’ll spend picking and editing them. It’s not going to be pretty.

@maique That sounds horrendous. A few thousand photos to sift through? That would take me years.

@alangmarz It’s pretty much the usual for this kind of thing: 2500/3000 a day for a couple of weeks. Usually it takes me a day to go through each day of shooting. Picking, editing, and sending.

@maique @alangmarz Wow. Even I didn't shoot that much in a day working as a photographer on ships. 😲

@evelynyap @alangmarz 😊 Usually, on other assignments, I don’t shoot as much. But these are very long days, with a lot of sets, a lot of fast moving games, so I try to make sure I have it all documented and am a bit trigger happy. How was it working on a boat ? Never did that one 😊

@maique @alangmarz
Oh... Action shots. Yeah I also tend to shoot like crazy for action shots. But still, I don't shoot >1k. On #ships I didn't have days to process photos from 1 event. So shooting >1k a day won't fly. I had to have photos ready for viewing the next day.

I worked on #cruiseships. It's just the usual #cruise #photos, at dinner, in port, on tour, #weddings, #vowrenewals, parties, etc.

My old video ad that played on TV: ☺️

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