Panic Alert!

No more coffee in the house. Can’t get coffee from the cafes anymore because of the lockdown.
Need to go into supermarket because we forgot to include coffee on the supplies that were delivered a couple of days ago.


Not over with the umbrellas

Still a few more in the bag. I warned you there were plenty of them…

See you tomorrow!


Same old, same old

Morning walk. Lunch. Wait for groceries delivery. Netflix.

That’s about it.
Dinner in a while, and we’re done.


We still walk, but we’re finding less people around.

Now that you have trouble finding a place for coffee I guess there’s no point in going out, right ?

Before I go

3AM, will try to sleep now. Just one more for the road.

I’ll be right back.



Well, Mondays always have a nice extra treat: Micro @Monday! Today it was a pleasure to hear @ohBananaJoe’s voice 😊 Nice to hear you laugh, @Jean always brings out the best of everyone!

Ok then…

Days are just coming and going, they’re all exactly the same. No real news to share, so it’s time for another umbrella.

Maybe tomorrow will be differ… What am I talking about ? It will be the same!


Snow! (Not!)

I wanted to see snow in town so much, but we’re not that lucky here.

This is as close as I could get…

@alangmarz I know, and can't wait for that. But, at the same time, I LOVE it now, when I'm carrying her like a kangaroo...

On the other hand tinyMovieStar now stands up on her own two feet. Still not walking, but keeping her balance while busy doing stuff with her hands. It’s amazing to witness all of this.

Election night. Time spent on Twitter goes up a bit.

Election Day, the venue

My old high school. This is where we vote.

Always nice to be back.

Also Lisbon

Check on parents ? Done. All is good.
Now back home with the movieStar ensemble, and Tacones Lejanos on HBO.

It’s been raining since we woke up. The kind of rain/cold mix that makes our walks harder.
I’m just going out to check on my parents, and then I suppose we’ll spend the afternoon enjoying the heating and a movie or so.

Rainbow Power

Lockdown in place, dreaming of the time when we could stroll our lives away.


Calming Down ?

During our little outing today it felt like there were fewer people out and about, and less cars as well.

Still #1 country in the world, infection wise and death toll.

Back There

The hunt for the umbrellas was on, and they were everywhere!

All I could see by now.


On and on

Stricter measures, maybe this time they’ll work. Finding the same number of people out on the street.

Some just don’t seem to get it. At all.

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