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MIss the times when I didn’t have to charge batteries for two cameras, and the powerbanks, and the phone, and the watch, …

Pitkä Päivä

Almost 15 hours later, back home. Sorting cards, charging batteries, getting things ready for tomorrow.

Will sleep a couple of hours and I’ll be on my way, again.

See you soon 😔

I have to start working today, must begin getting provisions for next year, make it a little different, better, than this one.

Hopefully I’ll able to get to the end of Microblogvember while working.



Cold, foggy, rainy, and too early in the morning. Hmmmmm… I know someone who’s probably going to be happy. But it’s not me.

Today it hit me: this is the first time I’ll be working on a show where I won’t understand a word!

Went to studio for a meeting and got tested for Covid
Went to the shop to purchase a microwave oven
Went to the old place, a few more boxes were carried out
Took tinyMovieStar out for a walk, twice
Housekeeping duty
Went to my parents

Work starts tomorrow.

Depressed City

Just so you don’t think it’s all pastel buildings and sunny days…

Smaller walk, and somber photos.

It’ll be two weeks before I can take tinyMovieStar on a walk, and I’m already feeling blue.

Last time this happened it wasn’t good.

TIL a broken bottle of Teriyaki sauce makes a greater mess than I expected.

Morning Drive

Drove out of town to the studio, enjoying the morning traffic and the view.

A new testing procedure was implemented. A technician now calls you into a little room to deliver the news. I thought something was wrong. It was not. Scary anyway.

(I’ll have a ton of the...

Capture. That’s what I do, that’s what I’ve done for decades. Capture feelings, capture emotions, capture situations, capture stories, capture news, capture smiles and capture tears, capture hope and defeat. And capture love.



On the way to the old place today we did a remake of what is one of my favorite movieStar photos.

Autumn, and thousands of kilometers away from the original one, but still having fun.

First test came out negative, as hoped and expected, and tomorrow I have the next one. Assignment only starts on Tuesday, and I’ll have been tested twice by then.

Happy when I see an organization taking this seriously, and these guys leave nothing to chance.

Final Pieces

Trying to finish the Endless Move, made another trip to the old home, and loaded the car with a few more boxes and bags.

Still some trinkets to go, but we’re getting there.

This week I’ll start the Finnish assignment, so I’ll have no time for moving duty.

Again a word that covid made almost irrelevant in our lives, when it was was so common before. Border crossing was a regular event, these days we are stuck in the same city for months.


After seeing it mentioned here on, WindowSwap is a site I visit in the evening, when my brain is not able to do anything else. Add a podcast, and I’m set for a while.

After a few weeks being bombarded with Apple news, and not watching a single event, I can say that I don’t need a new iPhone, but would love one. I need a new computer, but can’t afford one right now.

All I want, and need, is a pair of AirPod things! They would come handy.

Curfew Weekend 02

We’re stuck at home, again, from 1PM today until 5AM tomorrow, and the same the next day.

We went for another coffee run, ordered delivery again for lunch, and are now trying to get a nap. Let’s see how that goes.

I love the weather around here, but wish we had a proper winter, complete with snow and all the trimmings. We get rain, a bit colder, but nothing else. Would love postcard winter.


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