I need to cleanse my eyeballs so they are fresh. What do you think?

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Call me blind, but what is the difference between b and d?
I can see some difference for all others but those..

@erAck it's reeeaaally subtle. the 'f' in the logotype is shorter in d.

@mairin to be honest none of them convince me. The connection between symbol and logotype does not feel right. The "f" is never really a good match to the loops, and the "e" always adds a strange narrow diagonal touch when everything "should" be about the f and those loops. Sorry :P


@mairin I agree with @mray, but of these, I like the glyph of e but the f of d

@mairin nice! I'd go with either b or d. Everything else reads "Aedora" to me.

@mairin i like the "teardrop" logo thingie, but i am not struck by any of the "f"s in the fedora text. i think the curvy top is throwing me off.

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