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Máirín Duffy 🙋 @mairin

Thanks for all the feedback on earlier iterations for - let me know what you think of these. Took a lot of your feedback and applied (a-b-c are the originals I sent thru.) mastodon.social/media/Gzskl9Eh

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@mairin I think I still prefer B.

One thing is that it does not depend on the faded look (which seems appropriate, but somehow fails for me).

For what it is worth, the square knot motif is not really much of a seafarer's knot. A bowline on a bight would be better, but probably would not matter to the tech crowd towards which the logo is directed. Version B avoids that issue entirely. mastodon.cloud/media/ukfdh8ufL

@mairin I think "D" is neat! I'd love "B" also, but maybe if the lighthouse was only half visible and leaving more room for birds/text?

@mairin E is really nice in that the light beams serve a purpose. I like the rope circle in others. Y not both? :-P

My fav. is still [B].
[A] fits too because I like what you did with the text (Cape Cod).
Beautiful are all of them, nevertheless.

@garrett @mairin I concur. What's the use case though? I originally read t-shirt in the design, but I don't think that's right. "A" would be a great shirt!

@mairin I want some combination of D & E. Maybe E, but with the rope border, and cape cod on top with a slightly taller lighthouse?