@mairin 👋 just saw you on my local feed, huge fan of your work!

Mind recommending some FOSS creatives and/or marketers on Mastodon?


@harriskenny Oh wow, thanks!! I'm a big fan of Lulzbot! ❤❤

I feel like I'm only really wading on mastodon right now but these are great folks to follow:



Thanks for the tag, Mo.

Watch out for the next step.

You'll go from wading to being in up to your neck in a second.

Do you have your own 3D printer or easy access to one?

@Algot we have Lulzbot at Red Hat's Westford office. Im planning to make batman batarangs on it for my daughter for xmas :-) We dont have one in the Boston.... yet.


I guess that gives you another excuse to go to Westford!

@mairin @patdavid @Algot @eylul @klaatu @garrett @harriskenny honored to be on here.

Haven't yet made the 3D printing dive. Open to recommendations though. I've eyed 3D printing for years. Is blender the open tool for designing here? Have yet to seriously get into that yet (sadly).

This coming year's new tech for me is raspberry pi with the kids. Last year's was FreeNAS (which is great).

@K_REY_C @mairin @patdavid @Algot @eylul @klaatu @garrett @harriskenny

I recommend dipping toes in at a local library, hackerspace, or community center (incl colleges and universities) They'll typically have intro classes worth checking out before deciding to buy a machine or not

There are many 3D model repos online with freely licensed content: YouMagine, Thingiverse, Pinshape, or search with Yeggi

To make your own 3D models, Blender, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD are the main FOSS options

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