i'm looking at a laptop released last month and its cpu is vulnerable to spectre. i dont understand. how is this legal to sell? are there any laptops available with fixed cpus?

@mairin I read that some of the problems will only be fixed when the next generations of processor architecture arrive, unfortunately

@mairin Thats not easy to mitigate at hw level, so far at os level workarounds provided...

@mairin I don't think there will be for a few years if I understood the vulnerability correctly. Doesn't it need an architecture overhaul on the hardware side?

@patdavid ugh i didn't know it'd be that involved. are AMD processors safe?

@mairin because the supply chain is full of hardware that was made that way. If a software fix is enough to prevent the exploit, they probably don't have any further liability.

Maybe next gen processors will have the fix (depending on where they were in the design cycle).

Just a guess though. I don't work in the industry.

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