@mairin It's a Lenovo so try the keyboard in person if you can. Lenovo hasn't been good with keyboards for most of this decade.

@mairin The Yoga X1 is getting great reviews, so I'd go for it. I have a Carbon X1 gen 5, and it's a dream laptop: lightweight, USB-C, over 10 hours of battery life, great Linux support (ok, except for the fingerprint reader...)

@mairin Actually, looks like they're making good progress reverse-engineering the Validity fingerprint reader:


@mairin Here in Brazil the options are scarce, but in the US, there are lots of laptops with linux pre installed. Even though you will certainly replace the existing system with fedora, I think it's a good idea to support linux laptops

I would also take a look on the latest AMD laptops. The GPU could be better

@mairin is lenovo still white listing WiFi cards in their firmware? Why not use a laptop from a vendor that actually supports Linux? The Dell XPS line is so nice, System 76, Puri.sm are all good choices!

@paperdigits i need the wacom integration, the non wacom ones dont support linux ive found

@mairin You mean the touch display is wacom powered? I may need to get this for my girlfriend then! If you do get it, please tell me how the wacom support is under Linux!

@paperdigits i have the thinkpad yoga s1 now and the touchscreen / wacom support is great. i dont know if the touchscreen is wacom tho, the stylus / interaction on the screen is wacom.

@mairin I've recently had problems with Lenovo.. I bought an X1 Yoga, and currently having battery issues. I've seen patterns with battery issues with Lenovo. I"m trying to fix my X1 right now. :( > $2k and I've had one warranty repair and battery problems less than 2 years. :(

I've had so many issues with Lenovo laptops.

I'm on my third Red Hat issued Lenovo in a row with issues where it randomly doesn't want to boot (at the Lenovo logo; doesn't even get to grub) and USB and other ports randomly die.

I had other problems with ThinkPads when I was at SUSE too, so if you count those IBM branded ones, it's *at least* half a dozen problematic Lenovo laptops by now.

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