Táim ag obair ar leabhar dathúcháin anois... 😀

@mairin Thanks for working on these! :blobaww: I get to learn things and my kids enjoy coloring. You've done at least two before this one, right?

@K_REY_C yep!! there's the SELinux Coloring Book and the Containers Coloring book. The former is the most popular although the artwork is the worst 😣


I don't know about that. My kids were big fans. I didn't know it was the 1st! It's a great series cause art can make the complex simple & not everyone tracks the nuance of these things as they're being built. I've always found it a lot easier to understand some of the abstractions in these types of things through art (I often end up drawing/designing my own explainers just to make sure I get it). Links below:



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