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Máirín Duffy 🙋 @mairin

maybe the flatpak i'm using is broken but krita for me over the past 2 days has crashed catastrophically 5x, no exaggeration, never saves out an autosave even tho that's turned out, never does crash recovery, actually removes the file from the file system during crash. it's been so unreliable.

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ive lost about 5 hours of work all told

im about to lose another hour of work - the system is at least responsive, but krita itself has been peged at 100% for 5 min straight. starting to give up hope it'll come back.

@mairin its a flatpak, so you should just roll back to a working version, right?

@paperdigits it's the same one i've had for a few weeks though, only started crashing when i have a deadline :(