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Máirín Duffy 🙋 @mairin

I'm thinking about using Twitter for real again, but primarily to interact with the Twitter 'Gaeltacht'. Am I a horrible person? o_O

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(And to elaborate more - the idea is not just to engage with the Irish-speaking community but help by being another number on a service I know is evaluated to determine a minority language's importance which can do a number of good things for the language if the numbers are up.)

@mairin perhaps there's interest in an irish instance? there's merits to the idea, but ofc, it's a matter of getting people to use it

@calvin might be a good idea. i'm a member of a celtic languages discord group now, could follow a similar model and make it a celtic languages masto instance?

the prob though in terms of language advocacy is that twitter is the target a lot of analysts use to determine language use

@mairin can you mirror original posts from mastodon into twitter, then follow up on comments in twitter?

@lufthans I don't know, I'm very willing to do that if it's possible. 🤔

@mairin cool, one of us needs to figure it out and then help the other person :)

Not that I twit for anything, but if works I would mirror stuff for some of my FLOSS orgs

@mairin No. There have always been positive uses of twitter (for me, mostly, it's a great way to aggregate news information from people rather than feeds or sites). I trust the people I follow to point me at interesting things I might otherwise miss. They're much better than machine learning and AI :)

That said, what if you started up a Gaeltacht instance of Mastodon (mastodon.ie is already taken!). That might do more (because someone like me would be motivated to learn and join).

2 cents!