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Máirín Duffy 🙋 @mairin@mastodon.social

Táim ag obair ar leabhar dathúcháin anois... 😀

I felt bad for him for a second, then considered what facebook does to all of us and no longer felt sorry.

This super cool demo from FOSDEM shows using matrix to transmit video depth data from iphone X kinetic-style camera for 3d video chat!

now we just need hologram displays.... "obiwan, you're our only hope!"



Who says toddlers dont enjoy free software? Krita makes for some quality family time!


I don't understand why material design buttons, when pressed, are illustrated as having popped up. I can't think of a real world system where up indicated engaged? mastodon.social/media/PabjpBQ2

why is paul ryan getting so much shit for pointing out how immigrants from some generations ago who faced racism are now fully accepted in our culture? it's a valid and germane point to the shithole comments. what am i missing, kindly?


"relaxing" music. guess goog gets props for choosing a vaguely local band...


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