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Máirín Duffy 🙋 @mairin@mastodon.social

I guess if you enforce difficult-to-comply-with-and-heavy-handed password policies and even block LastPass from autofilling or even click-to-filling these password monstrosities, you're playing a cruel joke on the world when you don't use https on the log in form?

Random story:

I first discovered when I was a college intern at Red Hat. John Palmieri needed a logo for dbus, and I lamented there wasn't an open source vector program to create one, and he introduced me to sodipodi.

@mairin @kensanata @cwebber

There is a laptop compromise
When sitting on your thighs
You might need to kill
A process that's still
And could turn potatoes to fries.

@kaniini has LWN revised their "no 'censorship'" (including "censorship" of trolls and harassers) policies lately? I stopped reading them bc of that

@kaniini what the..... has he actually birthed a child and undergone an abortion?

@kensanata i'm not aware of one, i use find and grep and the search tool in nautilus - the gnome search results page - tracker issues aside - really suffers from usability issues i can't deal with

@kensanata well, as you know, the keebler cookies are baked by an elf, not a gnome. gnomes are too interested in their feet to bake.

@kensanata @cwebber actually lets make this a rhyme

When your lap begins to bake
Don't give your laptop a shake
If burnt thighs dont give you a thrill
Then give tracker a kill

@lufthans I don't know, I'm very willing to do that if it's possible. 🤔

tfw ebay sends you an email urging political action on tax law....


TFW you have to crop / blur photos when laptops are in the shot because photos are so high res now you can read people's screens

@calvin might be a good idea. i'm a member of a celtic languages discord group now, could follow a similar model and make it a celtic languages masto instance?

the prob though in terms of language advocacy is that twitter is the target a lot of analysts use to determine language use

(And to elaborate more - the idea is not just to engage with the Irish-speaking community but help by being another number on a service I know is evaluated to determine a minority language's importance which can do a number of good things for the language if the numbers are up.)

I'm thinking about using Twitter for real again, but primarily to interact with the Twitter 'Gaeltacht'. Am I a horrible person? o_O