@faizalr it uses email so it's kind of more like an email client 🤷

@yisraeldov @delta ahh right! I just used it to message a different email address I have. Very interesting!

Anybody using DeltaChat around here? I need peeps to message to try it out :)

This is a test to see if I can tweet the same thing to twitter and mastodon in one go....

Failte isteach, tá sé go deas bualadh leat 👍 Is breá liom Gaeilge a féach anseo!

I havent been super active in the fediverse in a long time either, for a number of reasons but probably the biggest is i cant seem to find speakers?? 😔
@mray @librelounge @cwebber

It's been a while since I've been on here - is there a way to expire old posts automatically now?

Got it down to 31 minutes but DAMN GIRL I am out of breath.

Recording is 35 min... gotta cut this preso down to 30 but not bad for a first attempt.

SLIDES ARE DONE! Now to do a dry-run. If the screencast records properly, you may get a sneak preview link here in exchange for giving me feedback :)

@michel_slm I think I got the right word now: "motivation" or longer "usage motivation"

@Algot I'm going with it, thanks! Super helpful back and forth :)

@Algot yes exactly! maybe "motivation" would be the right term???

@Algot The motivation has to be intrinsic though.... like a specific example to this end I use (this is in a preso, lol) is notification alerts. But sometimes users launch of their own accord.

@Algot the closeset I can think of that isn't a noun is "drive", eg "driving users to use it" or whatever. but i need it in the form of a noun. the definition "invocation" in that form i fear is a bit too muddy (e.g. as an entreaty)

the act of starting up / visiting / checking in on a given app... argh, is there a name for this?

I'm almost done with these slides for my UX presentation for DevConf.us, but I'm worried they suck. :(

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