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gah don't update your phone before grabbing an OTP so you can log in :(

🎥2018-04-11 Wednesday Weekly Livestream: "Sketching & warmup"
(soon! 14h30, Paris time)


when ted cruz wastes committee time by asking about planned parenthood facebook pages...


I felt bad for him for a second, then considered what facebook does to all of us and no longer felt sorry.

the fact that your mother / daughter / aunt / sister / grandmother is female doesn't really prevent you from making incredibly sexist comments.

has anybody received notices that their data was stolen by cambridge analytica yet? have those gone out?

what flavor popcorn for Zuckerberg's Congressional testimony today?

i also need to look up gametime

when you're borrowing a mac to do your taxes and it will not restart for love or money, and you end up in the terminal shutdown -r now and it works....

when i draw the picture with my head way over to one side so pic is flattened striaght on :(

when you use unix commands for txting.... ('mv' in this case. when i get in an argument ill whip out rm -rf mebbe)

I don't mind paying taxes.

I mind that I have to /do/ taxes because a bunch of companies lobbied to ban the IRS and financial institutions from just collating the data they already had on me and crunching the numbers.

And then some different ones managed to get themselves made gatekeepers to electronic filing.

the rest of my day is reserved for drawing cartoons of superheroes, yes i get paid to do this

while i wait an hour or more for my password reset email on the one thing, for the past hour i've also been filling out the reg forms for my kiddos dental appointment. one question per page, maybe 100+ questions 99% of which don't apply, loading times > 60s per page....

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

ok ok so i forgot my password and you're trying to torture me by making me wait 30+ minutes for the stupid password change confirmation link via email.... you brute

Decentralize your world.

There is of course #mastodon as federated social media.

There is good old #email as federated postbox (as long as not everyone uses GMail).

There is #peertube as a federated video platform.

There is #Riot / as federated group messaging.

There is #XMPP for federated 1on1 messaging.

And there is #nextcloud as federated cloud storage.

In theory most services are already federated. We only miss more users :)

#federation #selfhosted #privacy

Táim tuirseach go coitianta.... 😪😪😪 gach lá....

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