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Tonight I live tweeted a talk.
Sorry Masto.
You're not ready for live tooting.

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Boys DO like to talk about their feelings.

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Hold on to your significant others because dating is worse than microtransactions.

So, all my pay role submissions for one workplace were just automatically approved.
Including the ones I told my supervisor I made mistakes in.

My supervisor just sent me "well, hopefully you get a nice Christmas bonus" hah!

it is pretty good that I got to take out the loan from them in the first place. Interest free, and you have to justify how it would help you study. I racked it up most when I had to move house on short notice.

and by "student loan" I don't mean the cost of my degree.. I mean the lone I took out from the uni itself, to help me live.
I took out $6000 over the three year degree, and three years later managed to pay it off :)

Meaning, I don't have enough money to get my new laptop on Black Friday... but I was waiting on payment from another studio for that, anyway. *sigh*

Just found out gmail had been blocking messages being delivered to my inbox, because my drive was full :(

I'm very slowly downloading all my students' Unity Projects *yawn*

And putting their names on them -,-

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Mute all folks who don't CW politics

hehe. @jasonbakker pushed soundbanks to our git, and it feels nice to downlaod someone else's giant files for once :P

Hey Masto friends, what's up today?

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yooo mastoverse the #commissions tag is full of artists who will make custom work for you for a wide range of prices!

some commission ideas:
* a group portrait of your DnD party (have everyone chip in some money for the drawing!)
* a cute toon of yourself that you can send to a loved one for their phone lock screen
* your pet getting up to some antics that you can print and hang next to your computer
* a new tattoo design, if you have a local artist who's willing to tattoo work designed by someone else
* my personal favorite: adventures with your favorite pokemon!

look for a style and a price range that suits you, and please be respectful of boundaries and time constraints the artists give you! follow their payment system, and throw in a tip if you're extra excited about the result :)

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we need better tools for sifting through huge data dumps like the so we can connect the dots ourselves

Yesterday, I finally got things moving in the dynamic audio for Wayward Strand. I'm so pumped. It's ridiculous, blank page syndrome gone!

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tired: coming out letter

wired: gender resignation speech

I am so happy Masto has CW. First 20seconds on the bird site this morning, I read a headline I really didn't want to start my Saturday with ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
Hello sunny morning friends, community is excellent, and I'm glad you're here!