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maize @maize

Hey Masto.
Long time :)
months in fact. What's new?

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Oh right I almost forgot I really should make a Christmas update for SLAP GAME with Christmas trees that have baubles on them and gingerbread houses.

@Fenreliania ... I only multiplayer Overwatch. Maize#11895

Today is a Sunday. But, atm I suck at time management, so I'm going to continue my todo list, and play Overwatch when I get tired.
-Ben's programming modules
-yann tiersen for Mountains
-Toddy music and script music
-Stereo mix for Simon
-Idle animation for world 1122

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Highlights of today's @Hbomberguy stream include: Videoball Lobby Screen, Hbomb failing at multiple times at a boss he's beaten on the first try several times before, The Return of Candice Debebe, Videoball Lobby Screen, @xoxogossipgita falling asleep and snoring on stream, Videoball Lobby Screen, and Brexit fucking destroying the Harvest Festival tournament, rejecting a dragon's marriage proposal, trying and failing to kill God, and then taking two art classes and recreating a Da Vinci.

@vertx @squidlarkin i would very happy to contribute to said train noises

@tyu if anything, in Australian schools i think we focused on the resistance.
1. That's where all the best stories are
2. Its a very culturally aussie thing, to be dissenters

@hq @Gargron cool. I will think of my ideas properly and then pop them up :)

@Nach @jp I guess the whole.. using their beaks to break the other birds' wings, and then drown them.. isn't that chill.. City pelicans are vicious.

@Nach @jp speaking of brids and overfishing.. Pelicans who live in capital cities in Aus, break eachother's skulls and necks, because they know there isn't enough food! Compared to rural pelicans, who are chill and just eat everything including other birds.

Hey, who are the programmers contributing to @Gargron's code?
I'd love to make a bit of a design doc on how to implement audio, so it is as intuitive as photos!
Also thoughts around making translated toots, so we can have more global conversations.
and accessibility for the blind, through audio...

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The 2nd Doctor had the show's first love interest with the introduction of companion Jamie.

Hey, it sucks that a racist thing had to happen for there to be this amoutn of pressure. But, I'm glad there is chatter about a code of conduct and moderation.

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Whoop, the "ironic" racist jokes have turned up. Stop it. They're indistinguishable from the real thing.

@Fenreliania nah i really love seeing posts not in English. .
But yeah actually would be good if there was an embedded way to translate. Something to encourage that cross culture communication

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I don't know another time where ive legitimately enjoyed every update of a mobile game, the way I have Starwars: Galaxy of Heroes

Theres tie fighters now.
Just sayin.

I thought id figured out all the nuances of my train lines. Then i witnessed this πŸ˜…
"What's that one?"
"What's in it?"
"What kind?"
"Maybe you want a potato cake?"
πŸ˜… dodgy train station food!

Packing is hard. But, I'm going to Mum's and at Mum's is wine and food!