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A request.

We are looking to help out a bunch of passionate young people who have sacrificed their careers to fight against Climate Change along with The Extinction Rebellion & Friday For Future. They form the core of XR India and they are in 15 cities in India.

They are self-funded, as of now.

The Delhi-NCR chapter is looking for good samaritans who could sponsor a meeting place once a week.

Would appreciate if we could use our social capital and help the kids in their fight. Thank you!

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I joined and boycotted @Twitter in solidarity with Sanjay Hegde and for free speech.

Armed Forces Veterans have signed a “Statement on China” addressed to the President of India, Prime Minister of India, Defence Minister, CDS and Chiefs of the Army, Navy & Air Force.
Signatories do not represent any group or political party. Their comments & requests are made in the interest of national security & integrity. The veterans stand in solidarity with our nation, the Constitution of India and our Armed Forces in facing the present situation created by China.

Empathy, in all its forms, is what defines humane behaviour in us human beings.
Dehumanisation or our slide towards it is often preceded by a tangible loss of empathy.

In an existential crisis, our ability to pull through will be a direct corollary of this one quality.

The twitter thread below is our attempt to make a positive difference for the less fortunate. Each of us can make a difference and we must.

My thread on /census enumeration.

What are the questions that should be answered and those that should not be answered.

Also why there are so many safeguards against misuse of Census information in France. If NPR has nothing to do with NRC then why "it is being done In pursuance of sub-rule(4) of rule 3 of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003"

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Maybe they are bringing Personal data protection bill to make NPR immune to recent Privacy ruling by SC. Let us start preparing ourselves for boycotting NPR.

Please also remember the role Population Register or Special Census played in genocide at Rawanda, Nazi Germany, Netherlands. Also why in U.S., recently in 2019 Courts prohibited collection citizenship related (which Trump administration wanted to) data by U.S. Census if 2020.

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It was done by UPA for Aadhar to appease corporates not fascists but that doesn't make it right. It can be corrected This time data for NPR will be collected using digital App so it is easy to centralise and use it for identification. What is the need for NPR when we already have Census? NPR's main purpose is to move towards NRC and establishing citizenship. It makes the task of NRC easy as it is going to be done with Census enumerators and along with population census.

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for using it for administrative purpose. 2010 NPR is not only outdated but it was collected in a manner to avoid centralization and identification except at local level, which also should not have been done. Clubbing it with Census and using Census enumerators to collect information for NPR is not only done to bypass Census confidentiality clause.of Census Act, 1948 but also deceitful.

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Beware if they are bluffing and are not just illinformed or uninformed. They understand RSS guided Shah's plan (and conspicuous silence on NPR) and playing along with it. Infact some of them.had supported Vajpayee (the 'right' man in wrong party) led NDA's Citizenship Amendment Act, 2003 passed in 2004. If we do not boycott NPR 2020 there will not be much to boycott in NRC. They will already have all the personal data they need and with a consent from usual residents of India

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'The NPR will be a list of usual residents of the country. Once the NPR is completed and published, it is expected to be the basis for preparing the National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC), a pan-India version of Assam's

All those who are saying will not allow NRC but are not saying a word against NPR after the passage of CAB are either uninformed/ illinformed or bluffing people again.

Forwarding a rare piece of poetry : hope, it will touch many of us.

Faiz Sahib started his academic career as Lecturer in Eng Dept, Muslim Anglo Oriental College, Amritsar in 1946, barely months before Partition.

The are immoral & illegitimate. Brute force, hate & bigotry does not define us; as a country or as human beings. I will not be a party to this evil.
I will not submit any document which will disenfranchise my fellow citizens.

"Deh siva bar mohe eh-hey subh karman te kabhu na taro.
Na daro arr seo jab jaye laro nischey kar apni jit karo."

Live with courage & bravery to the highest levels of righteousness.

My heart swells with pride to see these young boys march out & join Battalions of my regiment. The Sikh Regiment.

& The Solicitor General to the Right Honourable Judges of The Supreme Court of India!

ये जो घमंड है
दुश्मन हैं हमारी
ये जो घमंड है
दुश्मन हैं हमारी
कितनी घमंडी
कितनी घमंडी
दुल्हन है हमारी
ये जो घमंड ह

On .

Hope you are following what @ICLU is telling us. ( On Twitter and on Mastodon).

Don't panic. Read. Think. Understand. Contemplate. Act.

@musafir please DM

I still haven't figured out how to a DM here.

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