A request.

We are looking to help out a bunch of passionate young people who have sacrificed their careers to fight against Climate Change along with The Extinction Rebellion & Friday For Future. They form the core of XR India and they are in 15 cities in India.

They are self-funded, as of now.

The Delhi-NCR chapter is looking for good samaritans who could sponsor a meeting place once a week.

Would appreciate if we could use our social capital and help the kids in their fight. Thank you!

@majchowdhury I have some contacts and can try to arrange a regular place for your meetups for no charge! How do we get in touch? I am new here.

I don't want to wear this as a shield...but I really am tech challenged.

Good people! @anivar @kushal @stux @Gargron

How does one have a private conversation out here?

@majchowdhury You can send a DM (direct message to one or more users, like a private conversation)

@curiousowl @anivar @kushal @Gargron

@majchowdhury Have you tried contacting the Studio Sardar housed inside Mayday Bookstore in Shadipur? I find a lot of students use the venue for practicing plays either at nominal charges or none. Please do contact them. They are very responsive on insta and FB.

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