Was thinking about Flight Control today. Amazing how that little app did so well back in the day. And then how Firemint went on to make Real Racing, then Rob Murray sold it all to EA, for a rumored $100M and then he disappeared. I’d like to think he is on a boat somewhere right this minute drinking mojitos.

Oh hey so I fixed my memory corruption bug. I got the game working on macOS, and there it crashed immediately instead of silently writing to memory it shouldn’t. Hooray for cross platform 😃

Here's a dirty little secret, I only ever build "Release" builds. If I want to debug, I temporarily disable optimizations in the release build. Not sure if this is potentially causing me any problems, but it certainly makes everything a lot simpler and clearer.

Maybe I should join a choir with the nefarious intent to make friends with good singers.

Bought a pack of vocal samples to mess around with in my music. There are loads of vocals out there and they’re not expensive. Vocals add so much to the music, though I wish I had a bunch of mates with amazing voices to do custom stuff.

Made some more music in Reason last night. No purpose, other than to learn and enjoy the process. It is just so damn fun. One day hopefully I’ll take a month or two off and just make music. It’ll be bliss.

Whenever I search for a song on Google Music, I get 10 different remixes of the wrong song, then 10 different wrong songs, then the right song by 10 different wrong artists, then the right song. If I just google it, it’s the first result. 🤷‍♀️

Wow HDR support in Windows 10 is abysmal. dell.com/support/article/nz/en

“It is recommended that you only enable the HDR capability in the Display Settings when you are going to watch HDR content. When done viewing content, simply return the HDR toggle to the off position and the system will return to normal appearance.”

Disclaimer: I haven’t lost the plot, I don’t actually believe any of this. It’s just interesting to think about parallels with reality as I plan my possible universe simulation project (for after Sapiens)

In a naive simulation, the whole universe would slow down equally. But if you had an extremely parallelized simulation, with some kind of spatial distribution of processing power, it might work out like that. Not with a simple voxel grid, but maybe a sort of octree.

If we were all living in a simulation, it would make sense for time to slow down in complex areas. And it does, gravitational time dilation is a thing. Maybe black holes are infinite loops. There are probably conspiracy theories all over the net about this, right next to the flat earther sites.

Lots of challenges, like figuring out how to get a Lua script to create a modified version of itself, especially combining two to create a hybrid third. Also how to give them the ability to add loops and things in a meaningful way. Probably some sort of module system, some simplified safe functions they can just call with whatever random data they end up with.

I’ve continued to think about this idea of creating a “world” which is just a collection of simple rules around energy/light/motion and putting a bunch of simple Lua scripts in there which eat each other and reproduce sexually, with some random mutations. The whole thing could be visualized somehow, could be fascinating.

I think maybe I have really dry thumbs or something. It picks up touches offset from where I press. But also there are text entry bugs, particularly in third party apps. Trying to check/edit a URL is a frequent issue, you paste into Notes app and get a human readable title instead of a URL. No way I can find to just get the actual URL. I’m just over it. iOS is infuriating. iPhones are infuriating. Get off my lawn.

I can’t stand text entry and editing on iOS. I literally have nightmares about it, about having to quickly type something in a time-sensitive situation. I consistently get incorrect keys, and if I have to tap somewhere in the text to edit it, half the time I can’t select the text I want. The copy/paste pop up shows up when I don’t want it, won’t show up when I do. Often I’d might as well hold delete for an eternity and start again.

I forgot how bad DVDs were with their unskippable piracy warnings. Amazing that anyone ever put up with that we didn’t all just pirate everything to spite the publishers. Oh wait, that’s pretty much what we did huh.

Most unexpected source of happiness in 2018: Jandals. I haven’t had a pair of jandals since I was a kid. Got some a few months back. They are summer gumboots. They just slip on and flop about. I love my new jandals so much.

Stack Overflow is so useful and so painfully useless at the same time. So many questions “How do I do X” are answered “Well actually you want to do Y and use boost and you should use auto everywhere. Do you actually need to code at all? Maybe you should become a farmer. If you want to be a farmer, you’re going to first need to buy a few heifers and some hay. Just make sure you use boost.”

Well that’s me for the year. Having a beer while my Sapiens “four years of development” recap video slowly uploads itself. It’s been a very productive year, with a lot of hard work. Looking forward to getting stuck in again in 2019.

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