Most useful thing I've discovered recently: if you need to transfer some text from to your phone, you can use and "xclip -o | qrcode-terminal" to output the clipboard as a QR code, and then use the iphone/android camera app to snag it.

incredible just how overly complicated it is to connect two devices that are _right_ next to eachother, huh

@mala ok that's great! my usual technique is a signal message

@mala you can also use KDE Connect, which i believe has the ability to synchronize the clipboard between your phone and your computer

@mod @mala it does indeed and I've been using it for a long time now for that and other things

I save texts in my Notes folder and then I can access it through the Notes app on my phone. Sadly, installing Nextcloud isn't very streamlined...

@mala I started to get excited. I could use pbpaste on the mac for this. Then I realised this is no CLI tool. Because (a) all of nodejs and npm just to have a quick QR code utility? and (b) no one is typing Q-R-C-O-D-E-[HYPH]-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-L in their CLI. Tools that real CLI users use look like 'jq'.

Still, this is brilliant. So I need to find an easier way to get this capability. For now it's still faster to open a window to (literally less to type!)

@mala do be certain your phone isn’t handing that image processing off to a server somewhere if the text is at all sensitive.

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