If you have a in your USB port and are constantly accidentally typing 'ccccjfldjslfjdsfjdsfoiuwerw' into conversations, you can fix that by moving it into slot two, which requires a longer touch-press to activate.

@mala Though you probably shouldn't leave it plugged in unless you're using it in that precise moment to authenticate, right?

@salameleon i use the yubikey to prove that the login is coming from my laptop as opposed to just someone who knows my password -- if someone took my laptop, I'd be worried...

@mala you can also turn off OTP mode - I don't know if I've seen it used legitimately outside larger orgs yet

@mala correct - u2f is a different mode entirely (and so is the gpg smartcard mode!)

@mala We have a Yubikey emoji in work Slack which people react with whenever someone posts a 'cccc…' (Someone has also proposed we name at least one conference room in our new office with such a string!)

@rod hey check out the replies to this! you can (probably!) turn it off!

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