I think this will be streamed, if you want to see me talking about a wide range of laws and court decisions affecting the global Internet on Wednesday.

@maiki I've got to say that I used to hang out at the EE380 talks when I first came to the US, because they were a) always interesting and b) free. I've already gushed to the organizers about how flattered I was to be asked...

@mala so I looked at the EE380 site and the EFF post, and there isn't an indication to me that it is an event open to the public. I hate getting hassled by security, so let me ask: can I just show up to this thing? Is there a signup sheet/URL? ^_^

@maiki well that's what I did... I think you can pretty much audit any Stanford course. Also, I could just vouch for you...

@mala cool, if you hear someone screaming, "wait! I know Mala! From the EFF! Danny O'B! We're online co-pioneers on the federated social web and our friendship knows not the borders of the internet, thus making it topical!" just jump in and wink or whatever, give the signal I'm cool. Then feed me, because I probably have low blood sugar at that point.

Basically, anyone that promises to vouch for me has an implied promise of carrying almonds and a little bit of chocolate around with them... ^_^

@mala They had me at "Submit a short, pithy commentary on each lecture"! Thanks, I planning on attending. ^_^

@maiki I hope it was ok! I had this moment when I realized that my actual talk was going to be 3 hours long and I had to wrap up...

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