Livestreaming again! Pondering music for livestreaming, and working out how to give it the right credit automatically. Also, and ! !

@mala I don't have a twitch account, and I just wanted to say, thanks :)

I watched a few minutes then remembered I needed to do some personal sysadmin work (get my server backups running again, ain't #selfhost life grand?) and listened to your talking/music as I was doing that.

I got it going, so thanks for giving me the kick! :)

@Greg yay! I'm actually looking into how to self-host livestreaming outside of Twitch, so you're giving me a very similar and useful kick! Thank you!

@mala @Greg I've had similar thoughts about self-hosting some live streaming, but have also thought that the bandwidth costs would be a bit too high for my tastes :/ (that and also I haven't managed to stream consistently in months)

@lmorchard @Greg yeah, I have the same worry. OTOH bandwidth prices can be *very* different in different contexts; and there might be some neat p2p solutions here too.

@Greg @mala Let me know what you are looking into. I've drawn on paper how it works, but it was like six moving parts that I didn't want to run, and I don't even like streaming that much, so... still interested in what you find, so I can avoid recommending bad platforms. ^_^

@maiki @Greg welp what I've discovered so far is you can theoretically go from OBS Studio to DASH via and DASH to web and P2P WebTorrent streaming here: ... haven't tried it out yet though, so who knows?

@mala @Greg That's basically what I had. You livestream a variety of things, when I was looking it was just for games, so there had to be that screen capture component with sometimes heavy graphics... I'd like to teach first grade Clover more about video production so e doesn't fall in with those YouTube-types, always giving up their freedoms for some bandwidth...

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