Livestreaming again! Pondering music for livestreaming, and working out how to give it the right credit automatically. Also, and ! !

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@mala I don't have a twitch account, and I just wanted to say, thanks :)

I watched a few minutes then remembered I needed to do some personal sysadmin work (get my server backups running again, ain't #selfhost life grand?) and listened to your talking/music as I was doing that.

I got it going, so thanks for giving me the kick! :)

@Greg yay! I'm actually looking into how to self-host livestreaming outside of Twitch, so you're giving me a very similar and useful kick! Thank you!

@mala @Greg I've had similar thoughts about self-hosting some live streaming, but have also thought that the bandwidth costs would be a bit too high for my tastes :/ (that and also I haven't managed to stream consistently in months)

@lmorchard @Greg yeah, I have the same worry. OTOH bandwidth prices can be *very* different in different contexts; and there might be some neat p2p solutions here too.

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