They do that by manipulating the defaults. Mastodon itself has defaults (I default to talking to the world, you probably do too!). If we default to privacy or default to creating speedbumps so we can choose who sees us, we may hide ourselves from the solidarity of our fellow travellers, and also risk erasing ourselves from history. 11/11

@mala I choose to deplatform snake-tongued Nazis actively. Defaults or no defaults.

@FerdiZ seems right. Would you block them reading you, if that involved making it slightly harder for other people to read and find you?

@mala it's already hard for people to read & find me so whatever.

(Disclosure before we continue further: I'm feeling rather raw right now and am short on time & energy. Might be more productive to continue this conversation on a delay-time* basis.)

*Delay-time, as opposed to real-time

@mala The Algorithms™ have been optimized to Connect People More Easily™.

@mala Also (and I do know Danny you already know this one, I'm just adding this to this thread for all those following along):

“Contemporary propaganda isn’t about convincing someone to believe something, but convincing them to doubt what they think they know.

Case-in-point the recent "Area-51 raid prank"...

@mala Nazis, free-speech absolutists, freethinkers, anti-SJW activists, whatever.

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