Should I be doing live coding streams?

It would probably be boring, unless I set up most of the scaffolding for a gamedev session, in which case it might be fun for people to see.

Or, if I do demonstrations of libraries / tech once they're ready for demonstration.

People have requested it in the past. Seeing @mala post about doing so made me think about it again


@cwebber I do it because it helps me to focus, and turns the act of programming, which can seem lonely and isolating, into a social activity. I have aspirations that it can also be used as advocacy, and as a useful (version-control-like) record of decisions, but that's only an aspiration!

@mala That's totally valid!

I think if I did it, it would be more like: "Here's something I think you should use, and which I mostly already want to show off how you can use! Or here's how you can see my workflow live!"

In which case I probably would have things at a point where I was fairly confident *what* I was going to do and *how* I was going to do it before I jumped into it.

@cwebber yup, I originally had more intentional and easy-to-comprehend sessions with a clear aim. Now I just do it mostly for myself; I think the nice thing about the end-product is you can move fairly seamlessly between the levels of formality you want. More formality == more for posterity.

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