seeing disillusioned Bernie fans turning to Vermin Supreme and an absurdist vision of libertarian anarchism feels a bit like the Eternal Cycle repeating that moment that I entered political consciousness in 1982

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@mala The solution to climate change is, and always has been: Weather Domes!

@mala I feel like there was a weird moment right about then when punk was trying to decide if it was far-left or far-right and then figured "heck, why not both".

@mala and two years later, a "Labour" government in New Zealand is enacting hard-core Austrian economics that would make a Libertarian blush.

@natecull @mala

As an ex-Ann Arborite, I will give punk godfather status to Iggy and the Stooges. Ron and Scott Ashton, and that whole alignment with Destroy all Monsters, Dark Carnival, MC5, Powertrane, Dodge Main, Cult Heroes, Scott Morgan, Deniz Tek, Hiawatha Bailey, Niagara Detroit, Machinegun Thompson and that lot. Nice folks.

The Stooges
Now I Want to be Your Dog

@mala seriously? I've heard of some going to the Green party, but never Vermin. Odd.

@Greg @mala One of the big themes of Vermin's campaign is that compassion for human life is compatible with libertarianism. Also, there are some Bernie supporters that have become disillusioned with the social democratic model of political progress, and Vermin offers a new perspective for those folks.

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