Well this is all kinds of awesomerrifying: GPT3 as natural language interface to the Unix shell:

@mala Either that is a rigged demo or GPT-3 is already superhuman at many tasks.

@kragen @mala

I'm assuming the back-end is already trained on a lot of Unix commands. Otherwise, this would make no sense.

Or it's a rigged demo.

@suetanvil @mala Oh, I'm sure OpenAI includes the whole Stack Exchange dataset in their training data. Nevertheless, the ability demonstrated here to disambiguate natural language, handle requests for small changes, and whip up Unix pipelines is astounding. Unless it's a rigged demo.

@mala I don’t see how that little bit of input leads to the result. Is there an interweb’s worth of existing shell commands they’ve gobbled up and these inputs & outputs are activating the Unix parts of that corpus?

@migurski @mala yeah pretty much, this demo is of extracting memorized knowledge from the model
@mala major weakness, negative responses from the user are still sent back to the model as positive examples

@mala having read an article on GPT3 twitter bots where the author said that 1/20 of the generated tweets were effectively nonsense, I fear that 1/20 shell commands will turn out to be "/bin/rm -rf /"

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