New EFF job in the house! If you're a web dev and want to do good in the world, please apply:

Note that this has a good chance of being a remote-friendly job.

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@mala speaking of, hows the EFF wrt that now-a-days? Are they going to open up more remote positions/allow some of those already hired to be remote? I could be wrong, but my memory was that ya'll are pretty much non-remote for the most part (see also: Internet Archive).

@Greg yeah, we've historically been non-remote, but of course we're *all* remote right now. that's been ok for some folks, better for others, and baaaaAAAad for yet more people, so we're trying to work out something that's sustainable. there's a committee!

@mala @Greg I suspect those struggling are most likely unprepared. I've been working remotely for 12 years and IMO the key things:

- A serious work setup. Not your kitchen table, a real "desk" of some kind.
- Working from home can't mean new simultaneous caretaking (be that kids or a family member with full time age / disability needs)
- Develop routines, be serious about them. Respect from household members for them too.
- Serious but respectful accountability structure

@mala @Greg With the pandemic being "thrown at" people, it's completely understandable that many people weren't set up to have all those needs met as they were forced into a remote transition...

@cwebber @mala yeah, and even us seasoned full time remoties have had shit thrown in our faces. Parents especially. We've had the kids at home for <so long now> and the school is only doing 2 days/week EVERY OTHER WEEK.

It's hard, yo.

But I'd be in even worse shape if I hadn't been a remotie before.

@Greg @mala Yep... in that case I think it's basically my second bullet point coming into effect even though you were remote, because not only did you previously have a structure that your kids were at for 3/4 of the year's weekdays, now you are being thrown new schoolwork roles, and that's hard!

But yeah, on top of that, everything is harder and takes more thinking in pandemic times... every "trip to a store" is an exhausting new puzzle, recreation and restaurants aren't available as they were

@cwebber but hey! our playgrounds have opened up this week! So that's something! :)

@Greg @mala The category of knowledge workers who seem most strung out unsurprisingly seems to be: parents who are suddenly working from home. And no wonder...

Rough times. And that's just for relatively privileged knowledge workers too :\

@mlemweb and I are probably some of the least affected people categorically by the pandemic and it's been exhausting for us even... I know then that it's way harder for pretty much everyone else on earth...

@cwebber @Greg @mala it's also just... i've been remote for ~6 years now. the first 3 or 4 were kind of horrible.

i think it typically takes a lot longer than people think to adjust to it, even under optimal conditions, and not much in 2020 can be described as "optimal conditions".

@cwebber @Greg @mala a desk and most importantly an confortable chair (and everything else you need to work with good posture): working from the kitchen table isn't good for your mind, but working from a kitchen chair will also break your back.

(another person who worked from home for years here)
@cwebber @mala @Greg the same thing. work remotely for many years and feel happy. this is the only way for normal work, as for me.
@iron_bug @cwebber @mala @Greg but I live alone, and I prefer to work from my bed. I stay up in the night and sleep by days. no desks, no noise, no distractions, ideal conditions for developing.
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