I only just found out about this
@Kickstarter to open source the Sciter HTML engine - it has <48 hours to go but I think we can do it! kickstarter.com/projects/c-smi

It’s not browser level (yet) but it’s usable on the desktop (think electron but 4.5MB), commercially used for more than a decade, and the author is in the middle of connecting it to quickjs, Fabrice Bellard’s MIT implementation of ES2020 bellard.org/quickjs/

It would not be right to say that this is a new browser engine, but a DOM/CSS/JS alternative that’s tiny, bog-standard C, and FLOSS would be an amazing tool to explore new GUIs, OSs and embedded experiments in a form familiar to a generations of coders.


Here’s the Hacker News discussion of it: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

“Sciter is a very nice engine with a solid API/SDK and rock solid engineering behind it.”

@msaunders @mala I hear a lot of people terrified about some kind of implications of this, but never actually go into what they think the problem is. I think it's great, and I for one welcome our terrifying browserOS future.

Bingo, bingo and bingo

As soon as we discovered what #WebAassembly was about we saw the awful implications.

#DisableWebAssembly is a good start.

In #Firefox, one can find "#wasm" in the about:config.


@msaunders @mala this is not the only alternative implementation of web-on-native either: tauri.studio

there are not that many other reliable established native UI frameworks with proper tooling tbh:

QML with QtQuick
GTK+ with Gnome-Builder
SwiftUI with Xcode
Java Spring with Android Studio
dotNet with FormBuilder

HTML+CSS only need any text editor and any browser to be viable, and truly platform-agnostic/independent

JS and WASM becoming more of a compilation target (even if from TypeScript), other languages only need DOM bindings, mostly

@mala this is pretty interesting

i wonder what the memory footprint is and if/how it implements accessibility stuff...

@grainloom @mala my understanding is it just uses native windows apis, so it has the same accessibility characteristics of anything that does that kind of thing. I think it might even have some specific accessibility features. It's pretty solid stuff.

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