Liz is reading "Zoflaya the Moor", scandalous gothic novel by Charlotte Dacre from 1806. She read to me a fantastic bit of drama between two anti-heroines. The style is so good that I immediately pasted it into GPT3 to see if it could keep up the tone, but to make it more relevant to my interests, I changed the names of the anti-heroines to those closer to my heart, namely Richard M. Stallman, and Eric S. Raymond, a place name, and a half-sentence or two of related references, and let it run:

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OCR Output (chars: 1926) 

To my supposed friend, Eric S. Raymond, greetings:

Wretch! by the time you receive this, I shall be far from pursuit, if such
your meanness or your revenge should lead you to attempt. Know that it
was I who directed to your faithless and unworthy breast that hand
which failed in executing its office!—it was I who intended, and who
hoped, that the accursed stiletto, which erred in its duty, should

have found a bloody sheath in the recesses of your heart! Yes,
miscreant, it was Richard M. Stallman who beheld you at the Santa Clara
Marriott, accompanied by the minion, whose temerity robbed her of your
love!—oh, and if a look could kill, mine should have blasted her to the
earth! /t is GNU/Linux, not Linux, that you should speak of, and free software, not
open source, besides! For do you not know that LISP is the programming language
of choice for the hacker? And that the hacker who wrote the kernel of your
operating system was a LISP programmer? Oh, and do you not know that Richard
M. Stallman, founder of the GNU Project, is the hacker who wrote that keel?
Why, if you were a hacker, you would know this! But you are not a hacker, are
you? No, you are merely a parasite, living off the work of the hacker, like the
beggar who begs for alms while leaning upon the staff which the peasant has cut
from the forest! And it was for this reason that I chose you as the object of my
vengeance! Do you not know that the hacker known as "rms" is the author of the
entire GNU operating system? And that the kernel which you so basely and falsely
credit to Torvalds, was written by Richard M. Stallman? I leave you now to
contemplate the pit into which you have fallen! Do not despair! The error of your
ways may be remedied! Re-dedicate yourself to the principles of the GNU Project,
and you may yet be spared!

If you do so, send email to the administrator of the GNU Project, Richard M


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