i am so in awe of everybody who keeps maintaining the FLOSS code I rely on every day. Sometimes I just read their changelogs and marvel

@mala why not show us some specific people/changelogs that you're particularly in awe of?
@be @cadence @mala oooh mixxx is really nice
Great for mixing stuff, but my use case is real-time effects
@be @cadence @mala oh I meant like adding effects to live audio streams pulsemixer-style

You have really good effects but using mixx in unintended ways creates too many points of possible failure

(And I didn't read the docs :teehee: )

@abloo @cadence @mala Yeah, Mixxx's design is a big, monolithic application generally meant to be used in full screen mode. It's not the best tool if you just want to use one feature of it and I actively encourage people to use other tools instead if they're more appropriate for what they want to do.

@abloo @cadence @mala We're starting to break up Mixxx's tightly coupled architecture into smaller pieces. We are working on a complete rewrite of the music library database system as a standalone Rust application communicating over an HTTP API. We also recently did preliminary refactoring of the startup process to decouple it from QWidgets to pave the road for switching to QML.

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