Okay, back in the fray: (Cory's going on a book tour, so I'm EFF's new W3C rep for the next few weeks).

I really do not like that there's a confidentiality agreement for W3C members. There's a bunch of stuff that I'd like to talk about, but we are restricted from saying: I'm sure the same is true for the pro-DRM camp at the W3C. It makes some parts of this debate far too mysterious for outsiders to follow.

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As a regular user, I fit that "outsider" label all too well. At least we can trust that groups like the EFF will have our backs.

Fight the good fight! ✊

@mala okay two notes here

one: dear god is cory a deeply, deeply compelling writer

two: i can't believe even the w3c can't escape the anime avatars commenting about social justice

@nightpool yeah i noticed that as well. the W3C also has its own meme tumblr (

@mala are you going to the AC meeting in Beijing? If so, see you there ☺

@Edent probably not 🙁 a) we don't have much money for travel -- I burned airmiles going to Japan for an AC a few years ago. and b) China doesn't like us very much at the moment. I don't think it's bad enough that I wouldn't get a visa, but it's enough to make me tend to go for another AC meet if I can. And living out of a locked-down Chromebook is a pain.

@Edent oh wow! you did the tiny SVG icons! I love those. Inspired me to try and whittle down to 707 bytes! Think I screwed up the background though.

@mala yes! That's me. Send a pull request for the EFF - would love to have it.
And,yes,getting a visa was challenging.
I'm kinda looking forward to seeing if I can survive on a Chromebook though!

@Edent i remember caving and installing crouton on the way back. Perfect use for a long-haul flight :)

@mala "I'm sure the same is true for the pro-DRM camp at the W3C."

It's probably absolutely true. I seriously doubt they'll curtail their discussion activity as much as you are right now.

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