This is a great article on alienation, consent and the peculiar institution of employment: (h/t

@mala you're not the first person to call me Matt Cro-op :P

@mala Not sure I am persuaded of everything he says, but some of his points seem pretty solid: the conclusion that the gig economy is a kind of sharecropping stands up pretty well.

@pnathan that's funny, I felt the opposite: the historical analysis rang true to me, but I tend to see the atomization of employer/employee relationship as an opportunity in the medium-term

@mala the thing about the 'gig economy' type jobs is that they promote highly unstable commodity work, for very little benefit accrued to the employee. The major classes of benefits accrue to the temporary employer and market maker. Temp work and workers-for-hire shops are an old thing, and employees generally have tried to exit it asap because of the treatment. Dressing it up with an app doesn't change the nature of the beast, but does give it a more comfy saddle.

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