Man, I glad I got this off my chest: I've really been disturbed about how the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debate has led to Facebook taking *more* control of its users' personal data, not less.

@mala techdirt had a good podcast on the topic as well recently. Unintended (?) consequences of well-meaning (?) vitriol.

@K_REY_C I loved that episode -- I don't listen to that many, but it was really good, and I sent the link around. Hearing Catherine Bracy talk about Cambridge Analytica as somebody who worked on the Obama FB campaign was great.

Here it is:

@mala Thanks for finding the link! Really good perspective about the danger of demonizing technology. I've not had a FB account since early 2013, but it's clear that it's useful to many people and that there be dragons if we focus on the wrong things.

@Shamar you don't -- this is just a description of how companies and the state view how this will work

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