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Danny O'B @mala

Man, I glad I got this off my chest: I've really been disturbed about how the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debate has led to Facebook taking *more* control of its users' personal data, not less.


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@mala techdirt had a good podcast on the topic as well recently. Unintended (?) consequences of well-meaning (?) vitriol.

@K_REY_C I loved that episode -- I don't listen to that many, but it was really good, and I sent the link around. Hearing Catherine Bracy talk about Cambridge Analytica as somebody who worked on the Obama FB campaign was great.

Here it is:

@mala Thanks for finding the link! Really good perspective about the danger of demonizing technology. I've not had a FB account since early 2013, but it's clear that it's useful to many people and that there be dragons if we focus on the wrong things.


I liked the article, but didn't understood a passage:

> Data is to be held in giant silos by big companies, and the government will punish them if they handle it incorrectly.

How can you know they handle them correctly on the first place?

@Shamar you don't -- this is just a description of how companies and the state view how this will work