Liz is reading "Zoflaya the Moor", scandalous gothic novel by Charlotte Dacre from 1806. She read to me a fantastic bit of drama between two anti-heroines. The style is so good that I immediately pasted it into GPT3 to see if it could keep up the tone, but to make it more relevant to my interests, I changed the names of the anti-heroines to those closer to my heart, namely Richard M. Stallman, and Eric S. Raymond, a place name, and a half-sentence or two of related references, and let it run:

A really strange-looking lady just came up to me and handed me this card. Bizarre.

Best bit of event was me finding this hanky-code for hexadecimal in a 1968 copy of Datamation, and Liz insta-popularising it:

Basically in my anarchist utopia future all entertainment will be as autonomous, chaotic and driven by its participants as this

Shaved the beard off.

Upside: New face has a bit of a James Burke’s Connections vibe going on.

Downside: my phone has no idea who I am.


Meanwhile, on Twitter, Verizon is using the hashtag "" in a message to me that I didn't ask for and can't prevent. Aieee.

On the public transport 

Oh shit I just realized why the person thought I was a senior citizen.

I’ve been meaning to bring this hat home from work since the summer and it was easiest to carry it on my head!

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Brewster introduces the blinking lights in the alcoves of the church, actual servers, serving 10 petabytes of the commons, and the little terracotta statues of folks who work or have worked at the Archive (yes, the psalm numbers are deliberate)

The Case Against Voting:

( @rechelon keeping his head when all other anarchists are holding their noses )

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