a connected thought: if i was young now i'd probably be doing much less flirtation with Z80 assembler

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so my own opinion is that there should be as many genders as there were early to mid-80s microcomputer brands

possibly more

i am 64 comments deep into this bug tracker and I know *just* how to fix the problem, but I don't know how to insert line breaks here therefore i'm a crazy wired-up street kid who needs to SLOW DOWN

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Maybe someone has made something of this already, but it is strange to consider how models like GPT-3 will be trained on their own output, as they are used to generate text on the web, and then collected by projects like commoncrawl.

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Liz is reading "Zoflaya the Moor", scandalous gothic novel by Charlotte Dacre from 1806. She read to me a fantastic bit of drama between two anti-heroines. The style is so good that I immediately pasted it into GPT3 to see if it could keep up the tone, but to make it more relevant to my interests, I changed the names of the anti-heroines to those closer to my heart, namely Richard M. Stallman, and Eric S. Raymond, a place name, and a half-sentence or two of related references, and let it run:

@FreyaManibrandr yeah I sometimes think that increasing HK visas to the US might be something there would be enough bipartisan support for.

Anyway, take care.

@kushal haven't been in the office in months! and my old photos are a mess

@FreyaManibrandr yeah, I can believe that. Has it affected day-to-day life much, or is mostly higher-level political action at this point?

@FreyaManibrandr yeah it was a bit pompous, wasn't it?

how's the HK furry world doing?

Trivia: I have one of the cabinets from the original EFF DES Cracker in my office. It's excellent for stacking books on top of.


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#GNU Mes is awesome. They've been at it for a while, but if you haven't seen it, check it out. Contributes to the Reduced Binary Seed Bootstrap for #guix

It's hard to say things are getting better, because someone will quickly point out how things suck for them, or for a community they know. But maybe that they have a voice to say that is one of the ways things might still be getting better.

@npd @brennen unfortunately there were a bunch of privacy concerns with text fragments, which I think is the main reason it's not been more widely picked up

i am now doing that Lisp/Smalltalk "sculpting the image" thing, which is exciting, but it also feels like how we got those mad incomprehensible late-80s UIs web.archive.org/web/2007072400

I'm hacking such a terrible mess to get a lisp image onto a server and I can't help feeling it's what it would have wanted

If you want a taster of Richardson’s style, here’s the story set in the Situation Normalverse crummy.com/writing/Four%20Kind

But my favourite of his tales is still “Now let us praise awesome dinosaurs” strangehorizons.com/fiction/le

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