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Iosevka continue to blow my mind as an amazing, one-person monospaced font project:

If you fancy a great long read, @eff's new paper on Youtube Content-ID takedowns is an amazing deep dive into how Google messes with the creativity and the livelihoods of video creators in the name of copyright:

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Tomorrow! Learn why Section 230 is under fire and how it became the most important law protecting free speech and innovation on the Internet. Join our live Q&A with Senator Ron Wyden and EFF Legal Director Corynne McSherry on 12/10

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Last August, the excellent Gitlab forge migrated to Google Cloud : -(

As a direct consequence, the site is no longer accessible from several countries. Indirect consequence: sysadmin and developpers in these same countries can no longer download Gitlab's source code to install it on their servers.

@Framasoft provides a mirror of Gitlab Debian repositories: apt.gitlab.mirror.framasoft.or

Feel free to share the information (in other languages if possible).

I really want to sue lots of bad people in 2021. Also defend lots of good people.

Help my dream come true by donating to @eff now and your donation will be doubled¹

¹(Offer good for up to $319K, but if you want to give more, hey let's talk.)

I just got emacs to connect to the browser and i feel like I'M THERE MAN, I'm THERE in the LISP ZONE

oh no i am playing with Common Lisp repls

Mark Nadal of is talking right now — I always want to try out gun, I need a little project idea to play around with it.

I’m speaking at an interesting chinese conference on the decentralized web right now. If you’re awake I think you can access it using Zoom 998 9460 9324 pw 8598295

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Elite Dangerous (including the Horizons DLC which is pretty core to the current galaxy) is FREE from the Epic Games store for the next week ...

The game is completely free-to-play once you have it - there is no mechanism for players to pay money and get better resources, only cosmetics. This means that if you end up competing with other players (which isn't necessary anyway, and you can exclude this by settings) you are on an equal footing with only time/skills invested.

Elite Dangerous is a beautiful and immense, absorbing game. It's almost a "space simulator" with a 1:1 model of our galaxy and for the populated regions a well-balanced economic model.

Seriously, to search for screenshots and videos. If you don't already have a copy of this game, get one while its free!!

#elite #elitedangerous

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📣 prism v0.1.0

An RTMP stream re-caster / splitter:

Handles incoming RTMP streams (like from OBS) and re-casts them to multiple services, like Owncast, Twitch, or YouTube.

Packages and binaries for pretty much all platforms, here:

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The next big version of OnionShare is almost ready! Can you help translate it into other languages, and beta test it?

There's a lot of new stuff including:
- Anonymous chat
- Tabs, so you can do lots of stuff at once
- Beautiful new design

You can download and install a development version of OnionShare here:

There's also new, thorough documentation, and that all needs to get translated too. Check out the docs here:

Corker of a line from

“And the story of computation has been about the evolution of this very novel and peculiar form of human expression we call code. I suspect being a programmer in the 21st century must be like what being a royal scribe was like in Ancient Egypt in 3200 BCE. There’s this new modality of communication that most of the population is unaware of, yet it’s existence simultaneously enables commerce, culture and civilization to flourish.”

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But say they're right and this will require heroic effort - so what? This was a *completely foreseeable outcome*. They subverted a law that was passed by a 75% plebescite. They knew this was coming.

If they're not prepared it's because they decided not to prepare themselves. They didn't just fall asleep at the wheel - they took a sleeping pill. If they need to pay a shit-ton of overtime to get this done, then good. The last thing we should do is reward fuckery with forbearance.


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I like this grab-bag of take on mainstream journalism from somebody learning from being reported on:

(I didn't post this on Twitter because I was scared of being jumped on for a lesswrong link, please don't jump on me here, I know, I know. if you don't i promise to transfer some of my funnier, mainstream shitposting here)

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Elliot is @elliot on Mastodon, if you want to put a toot to a face!

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