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Apparently intros are now a thing so here, have mine:

Name's Chris, I'm a computer science student at Eastern Oregon University, an anarcho-communist shitposter, and I have various hobbies that I do with my hands. I like animals. I suck at this so have a bad picture of me instead.

Is everyone still begging for toot boosts or has the clout chasing died down a little

DS9 S5E14 Lewd 

I have to wonder what my barely tooting ass did to get new follows. I haven't tooted in like a month 😂


It's kind of amazing what just a hint of interest can do for your self esteem.

Someone is actually showing interest in me. Never thought that'd happen again.

It's funny how winning pub trivia 3 consecutive times can improve your outlook on things

I wish the time I spent in my head was at least productive

hey cutie, are you today's date?

Cuz ur 10/10

I need to sleep

Hit the gym before noon. Tracked my calories. I think I deserve a nap.

Mindfuck: when the NES tutorial you've been following tells you background data goes in horizontal then 10 tutorials goes "lol nope it goes it sideways gl"

I think I'm addicted to British panel shows. Just binged all the Big Fat Quiz of the Year episodes on YouTube. Moving on to 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown, which is a great show despite the strangest name I've ever heard.

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