It's a major concern that ICMR was being pushed to deliver a vaccine by August when enrollment itself begins this month. There are multiple issues with the enrollment sites: small hospitals and nursing homes dont have capacity and are not an ideal sampling site. But most importantly, when safety norms are disregarded for politics, people suffer. This was a political decision; the ultimate responsibility will be on the "topmost levels of the government" pushing ICMR.

This denunciation of the govt by the Indian Medical Association is pretty severe.

The whole of society would be better if the education system was geared towards, and idealized, social goals as opposed to being an examination system churning out individuals geared for a rat race. It's such an obvious thing but apparently generations of textbook writers and committees and governments think otherwise.

Despite the explanations, this is, in fact ethnic vs religious chauvinism.

Why Guwahati exploded in protests – and what explains Assam's resistance to the Citizenship Bill

Indian Union Muslim League has filed a Write Petition challenging the in the Supreme Court

I see. So the Hyderabad govt and police were already discussing more than arrest to calm public anger.

Mayawati herself oversaw a slew of encounter killings during her tenure. It has only intensified under Adityanath. Is there any reason why we should be surprised at her statement?

Also, it seems encounters are the fate of the poor alone.

LIVE | BJP MP Virendra Singh said, “To defame the nation and government people are saying that the automobile sector has slowed down. If there is a decline in automobile sales then why are there traffic jams on the roads?”

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When this chapter of Indian history is written sometime in the future, it's going to read like a catalogue of crimes. I dont think they have omitted even one possible scenario.

Dear, how did you manage to get through this entire edit about the fiasco in without ever once mentioning or

It is also perhaps the lack of coverage on slow improving social indicators that they are not being tackled more urgently. The national conversation seems to be attuned 24*7 to political machinations. Governance goes for a toss.

Nutrition, schools and toilets: To fix its economy, India must first improve its social indicators

You know, democracy has been said to have been murdered so many times that now it's just fresh blows on a corpse.

Everyone, including news anchors, know that crazy sums of money are being thrown around to trade MLAs, that the entire Maharashtra operation is unconstitutional & corrupt. But nobody is going to put their neck on the line & spell out how, how much, when, where, to whom.

So all I see is kadi ninda from these same journalists & politicians. That the BJP is corrupt is given. Nobody who is supposed to call this out is doing their job either. Opposition? From where, then?

For a while I thought Sharad Pawar must have orchestrated this whole drama to get Presidents rule removed, and then proceed.

There is a problematic Trans bill discussion going on in parliament, but I guess Maharashtra is the new game of thrones.


How to become an Indian Statizen!

State-controlled, Tech-controlled Indian citizenship!

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