Pretty jacked up that the volleyball emoji is the only emoji allowed on mastodon 🏐

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decentralised social media is a really amazing idea that will live or die on the successful communication of the concepts

unfortunately "instances" and "federation" are not even a tiny bit self-descriptive and that's a real shame

here's a concept I just pulled out of my ass -
Instances > Planet
Federation > Galaxy

I'm a member of the mastodon planet and can see the planet timeline. to see all other planets at once, i view the galaxy timeline

don't even need to explain that really

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@malki defffffinitely bans hate speech as well.

the main reasons to choose an instance are a) you trust the admins and b) you like the feel of the community/local timeline. doesn't *really* have much of a community to speak of, and is really large so it's hard to find new people, but it makes up for it by being the flagship instance and the most populated. that's about it!

Still trying to figure out the relevance of being in a certain instance vs. another. If I understand right, is "nothing specific, most people are here" and then is the one that's "nothing specific except we ban hate speech" ?

thanks pals for reminding me that this site exists

thinkin about playstation nomenclature today. like, it's a station...that you play at.

oh dang the tool of hide/show content warnings is a pretty dope idea. here's a VERY CONTENTIOUS OPINION: 

i love kittens


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