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That Mysterious Yelling Dude

*ties a flannel shirt around my waist and puts a cap on backwards* what up dudes im queer as FUCK 😎

is there anything more productive than dying in the forest and becoming food for millions and millions of insects

smoke alarm: .... .... . .... bep .....

me: its hungry

smoke alarm: ... ......................................... ................ . ............... . bep .....

me: it wants batteries

ive said it before ill say it again,,, I think we -can- do anything men can BUT we do not all have to be as "good" in the same way as white men at everything in order to be considered smart capable and worthy of respect. "as good as a cis white man at ____" is an oppressive marker of earning recognition/ success as a person. 👏we 👏dont👏need👏to👏reduce👏our👏skills👏by👏comparing 👏ourselves👏to 👏the 👏dominant👏culture👏all👏the👏time👏

Apparently there's a transnational Amazon strike and boycott today (10th July) due to horrendous working conditions in their warehouses. Let's do our best to support workers & not visit amazon's websites, or their subsidiaries like audible or twitch today!

Yo whens the revolution again? cuz like im kinda fed up with this bs fascio-capitalist hellworld

"Imagine if your life was hanging around and looking like a stick. Well, he does it like nobody else."
*shot of stick bug wiggling off*

I just found this video of a stick bug and it is so good and wholesome i just had to share!! don't look if you don't like bugs ofc but this critter is super cool Show more

Everything suddenly bad and unbearable? Drink some water and get back to me

I hate how my automatic response to feeling threatened is appeasement

gross love ew yuck Show more

I've been neglecting my brand.

Unpopular opinion:
Look guys I love shitting on society as it is now as much as the next guy. I hate social expectations and culturally enforced norms too. But.
Society as a structure is not bad. It is natural for H. sapiens to develop societies. We are some of the most social animals to walk the Earth. And some of the rules society puts in place ARE GOOD! Be nice to each other! Be helpful! Be polite! Be empathetic!!

Freedom is gonna taste so fresh. You've never seen me that way, have you? This is what my fight looks like when I'm almost defeated. It takes all that I've got to keep my head above water. But when they can't keep me down anymore, that's when you'll see me raise hell.