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That Mysterious Yelling Dude

I miss having the option to say "life is not something I can deal with today" and stay in bed with minimal consequences

Saturday night bad feelings yeah Show more

an old family joke, translated for the modern audience:

"Son, there are two words I never want to here you say again. One is valid, and the other's problematic"
"Well gee dad, what are they?"

Happy Valentine's day! Remember that friends are better than romantic partners! And if you think you don't have friends, you're wrong, because I am your friend now 😘

I am Uncomfortable in this train tonight.

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MH, therapy Show more

the mood for today: eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eh eh ehhhehh {:U

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MH, therapy Show more

My phone just highlighted "kind of" as a spelling error and corrected me to "kinda" :thaenkin:

tfw a random nameless crewmember on transporter room duty is kinda cute oHo

Hey can I please Experience Life instead of whatever tf I'm doing rn?

"I saw you walk, why do you use a wheelchair?"
"You know math, why do you use Excel?"
"If I didn't, it would take all day. Oh. Okay. Sorry."