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That Mysterious Yelling Dude

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Me, looking nervously around my home feed: H-hewwo? Hewwoooo????

OH!! I found it!!
A. lunaris
Thanks google!! :)
(It's a crab. If they creep u out don't look!)

Went to the beach and saw some cool crabs! Shufflin' along in the water and eating algae with their weird lil mouths and burrowing under the sand :)
I think they were M. victor? But pretty small... I love identifying cool organisms I see, maybe someone can confirm? I didn't have my phone so I didn't get a pic :(

I... just woke up from a Danny Phantom dream...

I made a cake 90% by myself today and its really good!

apparently a TERF made this to mock trans people and it's actually just the best thing?


I'm so in love with this song. I want to take this song out for a crazy night, maybe on the beach or in the woods. I want to become this song. I want to look in the mirror and see this song. I want to hear it in my head all the dang time and dream about it and live inside it

The only thing that I like about the concept of being middle aged is that I know that by then I probably will be mostly at peace with myself

I'm so tired!!!
I'm too tired for exclamation marks...

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The lovely thing about being at home is that you can go back to bed whenever you want

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can we extract all our useless unfounded guilt and put it in people who actually do terrible things

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