Them gays be havign Girled Frienmd
thanks for coming to my ted talk

Uh reminder that i've moved to @malkosh see you there 🅱️eace out

HEY GUYS so like I said m.s isn't doin it for me anymore, I am moving my main to @malkosh , for now at least.
Go follow me there please! You don't wanna miss out on my Quality Original Content

Yeah m.s looks like a shitshow rn and I am absolutely moving instance catch ya l8r
Update soon on where to follow me


Have you ever seen a sun bear walk. Because I've never been so sure that this animal has a human soul trapped inside it. Hell maybe not even a soul. Maybe it's just a really good bear suit. Has anyone thought to check.

SOLUTION TO ALL PROBLEMS: have dessert, get in bed, watch some personal attention asmr and cry yourself to sleep because no one is around to give you real personal attention :(
baby come back and brush my hair

Sometimes I get sad because I know I can never give my cats exactly what they want because I can only guess what they are trying to communicate to me and also i have other things to do and also they dont know that some things can injure or make them sick
anyway i really wanna be at home with my cats tomorrow and not at work with my shitty naive dubiously-well-intentioned boss, who i cant communicate with because she's a facetious bitch

Hey Google how do I not be sad while waiting for my happiness embodied to get back from work

complaining about work 

Mother is making revolution for dinner!
And for dessert,

*deep inhale*
ahhhh, I love the smell of existential dread and disillusionment in the evening. hot take there... you have my support

if you guys aren't following my you are missing out on some serious genderfuck fun

lewd memery 

I was at a handmade crafts street fair today and it was so nice! Like it was hot out and my legs and back hurt after but there were so many really nice things and super talented and nice people! I had to limit myself and only bought 2 things but I will definitely want to go back there and buy more!!

Sorry, that toot was just such a big mood I had to post it on two instances.
Anyway follow me at malkosh at enby dot club for more .

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