Spent the afternoon finishing Re:Creators and watching all available episodes of BANANA FISH, and finishing reading The Fifth Season. So I guess I just hate myself and wanted to make myself cry a lot today? I guess so.

Bull. Shit. // America's top 50 newspapers published a total of 760 articles mentioning “extreme heat, heat waves, record heat, or record temperatures” this year.

Only 134 of them, or about 18 percent, mentioned climate change or global warming.


The biggest thing I wind up missing on Mastodon vs. Twitter is the access to news. So I am just going to start posting relevent content and hope that I find others that do so/encourage others to do so. 😅

This is horrifying and sobering // "Paramilitaries, government troops, hired gangsters and smugglers killed 207 people trying to protect the environment from the spread of businesses like cattle ranches and sugarcane plantations in 2017"

Waking up early leaves too much time for introspection. BRAIN, BE QUIET NOW.

Today I ran a race aling the cliffs overlooking the ocean, then I went kayaking for hours and miles in the slough. Now I get puppy snuggles and fresh olallieberry pie. Perfect day. 💜

Self, don't call yourself a loser for the things you're interested in.

Just wrote a big wall of text in my discord server trying to convince people to try Mastodon. “Oh what is Mastodon, you ask? Well, have I got some exciting news for you...”

I hate packing. I always feel like I am doing so well and not packing too much; then my suitcase is over full and I am sitting on the floor, super confused, and wondering how I got here.

In the lead up to my travels tomorrow morning, I bought a power bank for endless Switch time at airports and on planes. I am prepared for everything.

:_swords: :_gems: 🛡👩‍👧🛡 :_gems: :_swords:

Protection emoji spell for my mom, I had a bad dream and now I’m a bit worried

Thing is, I would really love this to work out. I like the idea of Mastodon so much. I can’t get my friends to try something other than Facebook though, and I am deeply integrated in twitter. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everyone want to make the switch and test the waters of the new social media frontier.

my childhood inciting moment as a leftist was hearing a kid making soviet russia jokes over and over until another kid shouted back "in capitalist america, bank robs YOU" and i have never been the same since

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