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Speaking of accessibility:

(ofc I forgot the captions)

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@maloki @vector I'm not colour blind myself, but I had a major sad a few years ago when I learned that a heavily used tool in the DNA analysis world defaults to showing all charts with a red-green colour scale. I wish I'd had this cartoon to hand to show people then.

@maloki I think it's also a bad UI design to put them next to each other like that. Remember that hawaii fake missile alert?

@maloki behold, one of the first consumer-level devices to get accessibility (for colours, at least) right: the HP48 calculator.

For the 2 different shift keys and shift functions they used meaningfully distinguishable colours.

@wohali @maloki also even if you didn't get the colors, it's shift left and right and you can tell based on the positioning of the feature text

@wohali @maloki except for the ones that only have one alt mode ... and the colors kinda differ in a way you couldn't tell if you can't see colors

@wohali @maloki tbh those are pretty hard to distiguish to me, were you joking?

@noiob @maloki I was not...I remember HP and various design gurus talking a lot about it back in 1990 when it came out. Which form of colour blindness do you have?

I will stop using it as an example, I guess.

@wohali @maloki I have Deuteranomaly, not sure how much it affects that. I can distinguish those colors, they're just pretty close together. Maybe it's better when it's not through a screen

@noiob @maloki Yeah, the photo is a bit under-saturated. I pulled it off Wikipedia.

Is this picture better for you? (source: archive)

Night mode probably dropped the amt. of blue in your pic, would def. have affected rendering

@wohali @maloki yeah that one shows the brightness difference a lot better. I would probably be fine with using this thing, I think the biggest problem I have is the difference between that (off-?)white and the light blue

idk I just don't trust my color perception, but the only noticeable problems I had so far were the orange and red on a rubik's cube and reading red chalk/ whiteboard marker

@wohali I'm just looking at it on my phone and it's clear as day here

@wohali @maloki There's also a non-color cue, though it's not perfect. The arrow points to the side the shifted function is written on, when there's two on a key.

@maloki This is one reason that in some cases a CLI interface can provide much better accessibility than a modern application, unfortunately.

@maloki And speaking about how dogs see colors :)