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Here's your regular reminder that Mastodon doesn't run ads, isn't run by venture capital, and doesn't sell your data.

If you enjoy your stay at, or enjoy the work Gargron and I do with Mastodon, feel free to drop $1 on the patreon!

If Patreon isn't your thing, and you want a free option have a look at Liberapay

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If you want to support me personally, for long-term sustainable work with Mastodon (in case Gargron doesn't want to hire me or can't keep me hired, or I can't work enough to warrant being hired), consider supporting me directly on or .

@maloki Mastodon doesn't, but individual instances can. Also, the protocols allows a great deal of access to data that you otherwise would need to buy.

So, while you are saying is true (and indeed one of the main reasons I use this system) it does not mean that your activity on the network won't be tracked.

Just remember to not post things you don't want to be public and linked to your identity (unless you go through the effort of being anonymous using Tor or such service)