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There's potentially a way that the private toots thing will be solved even before ActivityPub is implemented and that kinda excites me

And then it'll be just a matter of letting people for whomst it's been a dealbreaker risk know that it's no longer a problem 🤔

I wrote up an in-depth explanation of what the heckle I am talking about cc @sydneyfalk @kaniini @wolfteeth

I can't seem to get enough educated feedback on this proposal 😩

@Gargron private toots are not going to be really private since no E2E, but if you are only considering servers acting in good faith and the risk is the receiving software not respecting the toot's privacy settings because it doesn't understand them… that change should have been incompatible with OStatus in the first place.
Your proposal seems like a reasonable hack to avoid this issue.

@Gargron we should just wait some time before implementing this change, so that instances can be updated to a release signing PuSH subscription requests, and give extra time for those subscriptions to be updated.

maloki @maloki

@Gargron @Thib what they said!
You should never rush this stuff too much. Educated decisions etc.