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@nolan When I report someone from another instance, where does the report go? This morning I was harassed by a person from and a couple of questions popped up in my head. Why federates with given the fact that everyone knows it's a community filled with harassers?

@ellecram @nolan Reports are available via an admin menu of the Mastodon web UI. Only accounts flagged as administrators will have access to the menu.

I believe the latest update also includes e-mail notifications when new reports are created and when resolution occurs.

@kemonine I know reports go somewhere, but I got a bit confused by this particular case. I reported someone from another instance, not from my own. The report goes to the admin of my instance or to the admin of the other instance? This is what I really wanna know.

@ellecram That is a really important thing to know...

I wonder if @maloki would know.

@ellecram @kemonine reports do not federate. They are only reported on the server which the user reporting is on.

@maloki @ellecram @kemonine I wonder if it would be a great idea for them to federate, at least to the two instances involved in an inter-instance report? That way, the owners of one instance could decide to possibly block another instance, if another instance is constantly harrasing its members, and not taking action within its own walls.

maloki @maloki

@ellecram @kemonine @mdm there's an issue for this on github, and a discussion on the discourse as well.