In case there was any misunderstanding regarding what Toxic Masculinity means.

It does not mean that all masculinity is toxic, it is a term from Social Sciences, describing negative socially constructed attitudes towards male gender roles.

This comic sums it up fairly well

@maloki my country (UK) had made some very good progress against this during my youth (1970s to 1990s) compared to Dad's era, I had a fairly strict Catholic upbringing too!

The 1990s "did cause at least temporary changes in attitudes,

Alas I feel the UK has slipped back since the late 1990s as lads of today are encouraged by media/net/popular culture to readopt bad attitudes from 1970s and before I thought were safely within the dustbin of history..

@maloki I think folk *are* going back in correct direction but (in UK) there are difference in attitudes between regions, and a much greater influence from online communities etc as much as from high school/college/uni in comparison with my own youth.

But lads are certainly allowed and encouraged to share their emotions in UK much more than before (even by the late 1980s we were "allowed" to, to be fair) - (maybe from European culture, but the "stiff upper lip") is much less a thing now..

@maloki There are a LOT of people, in my experience, who literally really do think that the phrase 'toxic masculinity' means that the speaker is saying 'masculinity is toxic'.

I don't know how to solve that, other than to say that I think it is a real problem, and perhaps a problem that wouldn't exist if we used a slightly different term.

Sometimes something as simple as a choice of terminology can create its own barrier to the accurate conveying of an idea.

@natecull but yes, you're right, word choices matter. I just dunno.

@maloki @natecull people maybe see words as "toxic/dangerous" when outside their field of knowledge as "binary". i.e it is dangerous for someone inexperienced to work with 230V electric wiring, but a trained tech/electrician reduces the danger.

MDMA can be toxic/fatal if taken in too much of a dose; in a smaller one it could lead to a fun weekend!

I think the harder bit though is dealing with the remnants of "lad culture" within other subcultures such as gaming, EDM. even activism!

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