Call of... Help?

Looking for a few people, who'd be willing to work together to host, manage, and contribute to a Mastodon Wiki.

We want to decentralize stuff like this, and not everything has to be under Gargron.

It will be a great place to collect things like how to help out (with other stuff than code), who to contact.
Contact info for server admins.

I know there are a few WikiMedia people around, who's up for it?

Re this: Have French mastodon already built a wiki? Anything we could join in on with English?

Hey guys, I'll be boosting you who reply to me on this. Find each other, let's get working! <3

@maloki We could do that in markdown on GitHub ;) Unfortunately the Mediawiki syntax is harder to learn / less usable outside wikis

@shalf wiki on github causes other issues, which is why it's been removed in the past.

@maloki Then mediawiki indeed, but multi-editing and locked pages are a bummer I wasn't missing 😬 Count me in. Let's find a cool sysadmin!

@maloki I'm not used to wiki's but I learn quick so if you want some translations in Dutch ...

Il y a déjà des pages wiki concernant Mastodon? (Pour joindre les pages à créer en anglais.) cc @maloki

@maloki You can also try using @translator to get a French translation next time :) @translator fr

@chris [fr] @maloki que vous pouvez également essayer d’utiliser @translator pour obtenir une traduction Français la prochaine fois  :)

@chris Neato, but I have followers who translate, and reshare more organically. @shalf
I'll keep it in mind in the future though :>

@maloki @shalf Then that's definitely better :D The machine translation isn't perfect anyways

@maloki Ive never worked with anything wiki related. I would love to help though. you can contact me at

@maloki @NetKitteh Haha, and I was looking for a Fediverse account :silly: 🤣

@maloki Dreamhost does some automated MediaWiki deployment and management that you might find really useful- definitely recommend looking into them.

If you need an invite I might have something that will make it cheaper- lemme know if you want to look!

@maloki ahh okay! if you get in contact with whoever will be feel free to pass to them that I'm open to giving a referral to dreamhost, it's been great for my experience with MediaWiki deployment

@vahnj I boosted your toot, not sure if people will be able to talk to you though because whitelisting.

@maloki possibly! I'm always on over at @vahnj as well so they can contact me there easily!

@maloki I don't think I have the skills or knowledge to help out, but I'm super jazzed about a Mastowiki

@maloki I LOVE WIKIS. I can't take on the task of admin or anything like that, but I would definitely contribute.

@maloki It is nice to see that so many volunteered for this and so quickly – this means #Mastodon has a good future 👍

Current people who volunteered after this call for help re: a : we gather here.
Add yourself. Do not be shy. Let's do this.


@shalf @maloki I can work on starting up a wiki site for this when I get off work - in about 4 hours

@maloki @Admin Yup. Gotta go to bed, let's see what happens tonight ;) 👏🏾

@shalf @maloki

I have a quick and simple one up and running now @

Hopefully this is what you guys were looking for 🙃

@Admin Created user "shalf". Maybe check with other volunteers on the framapad if Doku Wiki is what everybody, specifically future sysadmins ready to volunteer, are ok with ;)

@Admin Thanks a lot for the quick setup anyway, going to bed! 😴

. @shalf np, and I'm open to feedback if anyone prefers another platform. Have a good night!

As per @maloki 's request - there is now a #MastoWiki up and running @
Feel free to contribute! If y'all think we should use a different platform, I'm open to suggestions!

@Admin @maloki Wiki yes. Framapad seems dead. I ticketed, but it is not needed anymore: we haz . 'Night

Well, @Admin was fast. A first prototype/iteration is already available online here as a DokuWiki (the first framapad link seems to be broken, maybe this community is a bit too eager to contribute 🤣):

I quickly copy/pasted there the .txt I could get from the framapad.


Merci à @Admin pour sa rapidité. Le premier prototype est un DokuWiki, disponible sur
On a été rapides à cramer le framapad, du coup j'ai rapidement extrait les premières données que vous y avez contribué, et les ai déjà posées sur le dit wiki.

Joyeuses contribution, perso je vais au lit !


@maloki Late on the game (I was on cooking duty, nay, pleasure this evening) but count me in for the "little hands that help where they can"

@citizenk people are working in a wiki ( you can find it in the replies somewhere )

@8zu that's the japanese one. :)
I mean if they want to go multi-language, we could work with them. :)

@8zu odd taht they didn't reach out to Gargron, or a toot in English ? that they were looking for other langauges. :)

@maloki Are you looking for a decentralized wiki, also?

@maloki if nothing else please let me know when you have it up , I would love to at least contribute to this wiki

@ginsterbusch Good question. It was just what came to mind, because I also know people who work at WikiMedia Foundation, so I simply didn't know about other types. I guess.
I wasn't deciding what/which. I just thought it was a good general term for it.
I'm sorry.

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