Call of... Help?

Looking for a few people, who'd be willing to work together to host, manage, and contribute to a Mastodon Wiki.

We want to decentralize stuff like this, and not everything has to be under Gargron.

It will be a great place to collect things like how to help out (with other stuff than code), who to contact.
Contact info for server admins.

I know there are a few WikiMedia people around, who's up for it?

Re this: Have French mastodon already built a wiki? Anything we could join in on with English?

Il y a déjà des pages wiki concernant Mastodon? (Pour joindre les pages à créer en anglais.) cc @maloki

@maloki Hi, we have translated docs for Framapiaf here We might get interested in building a multilingual wiki.

@tcit I think multi-lingual wiki would be preferred! :D

@maloki Actually is multilingual but focused on all Framasoft services, not only Mastodon.

@tcit tell everyone else!
I've delegated this to yall now! You can do this without me :)

@maloki You can also try using @translator to get a French translation next time :) @translator fr

@chris [fr] @maloki que vous pouvez également essayer d’utiliser @translator pour obtenir une traduction Français la prochaine fois  :)

@chris Neato, but I have followers who translate, and reshare more organically. @shalf
I'll keep it in mind in the future though :>

@maloki @shalf Then that's definitely better :D The machine translation isn't perfect anyways

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