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I love that new free EU roaming legislation. At least, for as long as England will remain in the EU. Weirdos.

maloki @maloki

@jan haven't they triggered that article yet?

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@thelovebug my bf is from the UK, we're considering if we should move back soon™ or not. @jan

@maloki Sadly, I can't comment. I wanted us to remain in the EU, so I'm not in a position to suggest whether a post-Brexit UK will be a desirable place to live. /cc @jan

@jan @thelovebug Yeah, I know. It's just it would be easier to move (since we're not married) if we do it before.
Worst case we just move again. 🤣

@jan it takes like 2 years for it to have any effect, due to UK being in a certain position within the EU bladibla @thelovebug